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The Best Closet Organization Inspiration!

Closet organization probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of interior design.

But believe it or not, along with a home’s fabrics, paint colors, and furniture, closet function and style are actually very important to the look and feel of any home. After all, gorgeous rooms are great, but if you can’t figure out where the heck to put your stuff or if you have to spend time in ugly, boring closets and pantries, you’re not going to be very happy in your home, are you?

When it comes to your closet, whether you’re working with what you have or creating it from scratch, here are a few of my best tips for a closet design you’ll love living with.

  • Add storage and style by bringing in decorative baskets, trays, and boxes.

Just as in the rest of your home, use these to neatly corral loose items.

Wrangling small items like perfumes, jewelry, and sunglasses will keep them together while still leaving them within easy reach. Even socks look better when they’re in a pretty container.

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  • Use statement lighting instead of or along with utility lighting.

Fun, stylish fixtures are great for accessorizing and personalizing your closet.

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But don’t stop at the overhead fixtures. Layer your lighting with lamps just like you would in any other room in the house.

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  • Pay attention to the functional details. A lot of clothing items need specific storage solutions – plus you may have distinct storage preferences of your own.

If you like to fold rather than hang your jeans, do you have plenty of shelving for them?

Do you need more hanging space for long items like dresses and coats?

Are your sweaters toppling over? Maybe you need shelf dividers to hold them in place.

Or maybe you have piles of shoes and boots on the closet floor.

Take a good look at what’s not working very well in your closet then look for individual storage solutions to add as needed.

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  • If you have the space, consider adding a small island or a dresser.

You’ll not only add more storage below, but you’ll gain a horizontal surface for folding clothes, or for adding a few decorative items like framed pictures or vases of fresh flowers. Little personal touches like these go a long way to making your closet feel more like a part of your home.

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  • If you’re looking to make your closet look truly beautiful and to suit your storage needs exactly, consider going for a complete custom closet makeover.

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t let that idea overwhelm you. The good news is that getting a custom closet solution really doesn’t have to be the ultra-expensive, time-consuming pain in the neck you’re expecting it to be.

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I recently visited Inspired Closets’ brand new flagship showroom near Chicago and I have to say, I’m super impressed with their finish selections and the quality and variety of their products. I even met the CEO, Phil Dolci, who kindly agreed to do a few Facebook Live videos with me (watch ‘em here).

What I love most, though, is their simple four-step process – which is really more like a one-step process for the customer, because after you talk with them about what you need and want in a closet, they literally take care of everything for you. They even paint and prep the walls before they install your closet!

Inspired Closets really makes it so easy to have a more beautiful and functional closet in no time. And because they, like me, believe that good design can (and should!) happen at any price point, they’ll work within your budget to give you a closet that looks great and works perfectly for you.

Their showroom is totally beautiful, by the way, and I found tons of inspiration there, both for my own home and my clients’. Take a peek at it on my Instagram.

Inspired Closets Instagram post by Meg Caswell

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I hope you enjoy these little tips and ideas for your closet’s ‘interior design.’ Have a blast achieving your super stylish and functional #closetgoals. I know I’m going to!