You Won’t Fumble With These Super Bowl Snacks!

Are you ready for some football? I am, but one thing I am not ready for is all the processed and high fat foods that appear while watching the commercials… I mean the Super Bowl.

Recently, I set out to change my lifestyle to make healthier food choices and along the way I have found many delicious recipes I would love to share.

If you have been invited to a Super Bowl party this weekend and want to bring something along you know you can enjoy without feeling guilty, look no further…

A favorite of mine is this Buffalo Chickpea Dip I discovered at a party hosted by my friend’s mom. I thought my days of digging into Buffalo dips were over, but I was wrong… so wrong!


Chips and Salsa are a must have at any event and these two recipes will have your taste buds singing “TOUCHDOWN!”



This twist on a ubiquitous Super Bowl munchies may seem a bit strange, but once your friends try it they won’t be disappointed.


These tasty bites are a “clean” alternative to chicken wings!


I use to be addicted to spinach and artichoke dip and this menu favorite allows me to continue my addiction, but without the added calories!


You won’t find any high fat cheeses inside these and they happen to be dairy, egg, soy and yeast free!


Who needs fried foods when you have this recipe up your sleeve? (You can also sub any vegetable for the avocado—think zucchini or asparagus!)


Loaded potatoes with all the fixings may be yummy, but certainly not the healthiest of choices.  Here is a great alternative!


What’s a party without something sweet to end a perfect day? Take these along with you to knock the socks of your friends. They won’t believe these are actually “healthy!”


You can find all my recipe “pins” on my Pinterest board:

Here is a link to one of my favorite blogs, Food Babe, where I found several of the healthy recipes listed above!

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