Out Of The “Gift” Box Ideas

The Robotic Bartender found at hammacher.com is the perfect gift for the cocktailer in your life and it will only set you back $25,000.  The lucky receiver of this amazing gift will be able to customize their own concoctions or chose from 600 preprogrammed drinks.  SAY WHAT?





If you recently won the lottery and are feeling extra generous why not gift that shopaholic in your life with The Endless Shopping Bag, Net-A-Porter.com.  They will pamper themselves for the entire year with an unlimited store credit, a personal shopper and first peeks at new products and exclusive previews. Will they ever sleep?





Does your husband dream of having a dinosaur head mounted on the wall of his man cave?  Well stop your search and look no further because ModCloth.com has you covered.  Football Sundays will never be the same with his new addition.  Pat yourself on the back as he unwraps the gift of the year.




You will come to the rescue for your jet-setting friend with The Nap Wrap. No longer will she fear the awkwardness of accidentally leaning on a total stranger.  Whatever your means of transportation the nap wrap will allow your arms to rest comfortably in place. An added bonus of this invention tool is it can also be used as an eye mask, ear warmer or a smartphone holder. What can’t it do?





Summer BBQs are always popular events in the summer, but having to clean the grill each time can be a process many don’t enjoy. Enter yet another awesome robot to the mix.  This one cleans the grill grates with three cylindrical brushes that remove grease and tiny pieces of burned food. You can program this tiny robotic miracle to clean for 10, 20, or 30 minutes and  the bristles can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher after each use.





Everyone has a friend in their circle whose love for their pet knows no boundaries. This gem of a gift from uncommongoods.com will be something they can hold close to their heart forever.  The artist sends a molding kit and instructions and then a one-of-a-kind sterling silver necklace is created using the impression of your pet’s nose! You can even have your pet’s name engraved on the back.  Just don’t get caught taking your friends dog’s nose impression..Awkward!




Construction site plate, bulldozer pusher, fork “lift”, and a front loader spoon?  Sign us up! This kid friendly gift guarantees many smiles as the mini engineers in your life are  inspired to be creative and  to finally get the green light  to be able to play with their food! Don’t forget your hard hat! Unknown-4

4 responses to “Out Of The “Gift” Box Ideas

  1. As much as I love the idea of the Robotic Bartender, The Endless Shopping Bag would be amazing for me right now as I just hit a 70 pound weight loss and nothing in my closet fits me anymore! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  2. So hard to choose…love The Robotic Bartender, how cool is that…digging the dinosaur head, but I don’t think my friends would ever visit me again once I mount it inside a kitchen cabinet and ask them to get me something from there. The grill robot is just silly and the Construction site plate is cute, but I don’t have kids. Now the dog nose pendant is perfect for a few of my fur crazy friends….and what girl wouldn’t love the endless shopping bag….SO, I’m going with the endless shopping bag, my wardrobe needs a makeover badly.

  3. OK, they are all cool, but I really have to say that the dinosaur head is my favorite. There would be something extra cool about having a t-rex head coming from my wall. Plus, my husband and kids would love it. I don’t think the cat would like it, but that’s okay. Merry Christmas!

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