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20 Things You Don’t Know About Me

20 things you don’t know about me that might surprise you!

I thought it would be fun to share more about myself with all of you that you may not know. After revealing that Randy and I are having a baby (it’s a boy!) I realized there is so much more that most of you don’t know about me. Beyond my design and television world, there is so much more. So here are a few of those things that my close friends already  know, that might let you into my world just a little bit more! P.S I’m sure my girlfriends would love to add a whole ton more of these but for now I think this should do!!

-I don’t use a wallet and my purse is a mess!

– I ran the Human Rights Caucus for 4 months while interning for
Congress in DC during College.

– I was invited to train with the Olympic Ski team when I was 12 on Mount Hood in Oregon. (my mom thought she was saving my knees so she didn’t tell me until I was 18)


-I have always wanted to learn to fly a plane


-I was married before Randy and now have shared legal custody of my two dogs , Rocco and Sadie

-I went to boarding school in CT( Best years of my life!)


-I was the captain of my Varsity Basketball team ( not sure who elected me but I sure could rebound and box out!)


-I have always wanted to go to Africa, especially on a safari that also tours the wineries.


-I believe I would be like Oprah when I grew up ( maybe there is still time?)


-I’m related to the first person that stepped off the Mayflower.

– I am a daughter of the American Revolution (DAR)


-I have always felt that I will one day adopt a child, even as a little girl.

– I hope to one day spend the night in a Castle

-The Princess Bride is my favorite movie..oh and Goonies..oh and Sixteen Candles…and really anything by John Hughes


– My mom embarrassed me in front of River Pheonix when I was in the 6th grade and dragged me out of his movie trailer because I was late for dinner.


-My first car was a plymouth reliant Special K that my dad gave to both my sister and I for Christmas. (best part about this car is that the front seat went straight across like a sofa so we could sit 3 people in the front!)


-My favorite drink of choice is a greyhound but only with fresh grapefruit juice and I can’t stand Champagne – it gives me a headache.

-I was voted the student that visited the Principal the most in the 8th grade year book.
(I deserved this title)

-My first Opera was when I was in the 4th grade and I have loved Opera ever since. Carmen is my favorite! ( My grandfather introduced me to this amazing music and I still feel connected to him through it)

-Jeremy Renner is making a movie about my brother and playing him in the film. You’ll have to google him to see what it’s all about….Bill Caswell. I’m soooo proud of him for following his dream! I guess it runs in the family!

-I’m writing a book..stay tuned for more — Design Crime!…….

*share something fun with me about yourself that will let me into your world!