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National Mill Dog Rescue

This shopping week, I am going to donate 100% of my store profits to National Mill Dog Rescue. Come shop and support this very special organization.


About one year ago, I became aware of an organization called National Mill Dog Rescue. I’ve posted about them on my social media sites and have been deeply moved by the passion and dedication of the amazing volunteers helping these dogs everyday.

National Mill Dog Rescue ( was founded in 2007 to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome discarded breeding dogs and to educate the general public about the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry. Since then, NMDR has rescued and placed almost 8500 puppy mill survivors.

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Theresa Strader, NMDR’s Founder and Executive Director, rescued a forgiving little Italian Greyhound named Lily from a dog auction in Missouri. Prior to that day, Lily had spent the first seven years of her life as a commercial breeding dog; a puppy mill mom. During her years as a breeding dog, Lily spent all of her days confined to a small, cold wire cage in a dark, foul smelling barn. Never was she removed from her cage for exercise or socialization. In her dreary confines, Lily was forced to produce one litter after another with no respite. Like all commercial breeding dogs, she was a veritable breeding machine whose worth was measured in only one way – her ability to produce puppies.

There are so many stories like Lily’s that will break your heart. These dogs deserve a second chance and it’s our responsibility to stop buying dogs from pet stores, online websites, and puppy mill breeders to help slow down this terrible industry until our government is ready to end them forever.


I deeply believe in the power of giving back and am donating 100% of my store profits for one week to National Mill Dog Rescue. Please join me in support of this organization by stopping by my website and purchasing your gifts this season with us.